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Do You Have Any Tips About Reserving Items for the Buyer?

In our last post/blog entry, we discussed some tips to reserve items on behalf of the Seller. In this post/blog entry, we continue that thought on the Buyer’s side. Similar to the recommendation for Sellers, a Buyer’s agent will want to think three-fold: Detailed pre-showing list; Detailed discussion; and Detailed post-showing list.   The same “pre-list list” that you use as a Listing Agent, ...[Read More]

Do You Have Any Tips About Reserving Items on Behalf of a Seller?

Question I am about to head to a listing appointment where the Sellers have already told me they want to take with them some items from the house. Do you have any recommendations about reserving items on behalf of the Seller? Answer This is a very hot topic right now. We keep getting emails and phone calls from various Buyer’s Agents complaining that certain items the Buyer expected to remain in t ...[Read More]

Can My Buyer Put a Work-Shed in the Backyard?

Question My Buyer really likes a particular home in a particular neighborhood, but he wants to put a work shed in the backyard.  We’re not sure if this is allowed. What should I do to ensure my Buyer is able to put a work shed in the back yard? Answer Since you already know your Buyer wants to put a work shed in the back yard, this means you’ve already discussed with your Buyer his intentions for ...[Read More]

Legislative Update Regarding Information Builders Are Now Required to Provide to Homebuyers

Question I am a real estate agent who represents Buyers and Builders.  I heard at the office today there is a new law that was passed requiring Builders to provide to Homebuyers some kind of information. Do you know what the other real estate agents at my office were talking about? Answer/Recommendation The two laws that come to mind are Act 231 of the 2017 Regular Legislative Session and the Loui ...[Read More]